Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bye Bye, Baby Kittens

The foster kittens left our home late yesterday afternoon. They were picked up and taken on the next leg of their long journey to forever homes. Mom is sort of missing them, especially the little short furred boy. He climbed her leg and got in her lap yesterday before he had to leave.

Since the kittens have been gone, we adult cats have been exploring the room in which they stayed for three days. There are so many kitten smells in there! Also, we are glad to have OUR room back!!!

Would mom take in foster kittens again? Maybe. She has counted close to 20 kitten claw scratches on her left hand & arm. She said her arm hasn't looked that bad in 11 years! She's more concerned about the three deeper scratches that Fiona left on the same arm when she used mom's arm as a springboard. The scabbing is very very dark, and the skin is very red around them. However, they aren't hot to the touch and the swelling around them has gone down. Poor mom...she is so abused by us!

We hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Clarissa & Co.


  1. It would be hard to let the babies go, but we hope they have wonderful forever homes waiting for them.

  2. It can be hard to let them go, but mom says that part of letting them go is freeing up the space for the next group.

    As for the scratches, mom can sympathize.....she looks like she lost a fight with a HUGE cactus some days....Miss Lucy has already gotten her twice - mom says keep them really clean. And she uses a gel she found for bug bites - helps with the itchy!!

  3. That's part of sharing life with cats, though, all the collateral damage to arms, homes, etc.

  4. We bet it's really quiet at your house now!

  5. it's a lovely thing your mummy is doing!