Thursday, January 4, 2007

Meow = Hekko = Hello

Wow! My very own blog! I'm so excited! Okay, so my meowmie says I have to share this blog with my two brofurs and four sisfurs. My name is Clarissa Kitty, aka Rissa Roo the Kitty Poo, aka Baby Girl, aka Sweet Cheeks. I'm a beautiful six year old DSH calico. I've lived in my forever home since I was a wee kitten of eight weeks old. Meowmie adopted me from the Kentucky Humane Society. I was the only kitty in the house until Sable the Punk joined us.

Sable the Punk, aka Sable, aka Saboo, aka Handsome, aka Boo Kitty, joined the household in October 2001. He, too, was only eight weeks old. He was a "free to a good home" kitty that meowmie got from a couple of young girls outside a Target store. His real name was "Punk," but meowmie changed it to "Sable" because she didn't want him to live up to it. It didn't work. He was an annoying little black fuzz ball that grew into a great big handsome boy cat. Sable looks like a small black panther, but he is really a big lovey-boy. He likes to snuggle with meowmie in bed at night.

Jazzpurr and Serendipity joined our furry family in October 2004. Meowmie and her older brother saw them at a pet supply store. They were being fostered together and their foster meowmie said she'd prefer for them to be adopted together.

Jazzpurr, aka Jazzy Girl, aka Jazz, aka All that Jazz, aka Little Brown Jug, is approximately the same age as Sable. She is a lovely DSH tortiseshell kitty. She's a little shy around strangers, but she will come around. If you start petting her and scratching her back she will almost do sommersaults as she rolls around. She is short and stocky and, quite frankly, fat. But she is a cutie.

Serendipity was approximately one year old when she joined us. That makes her about three years old now. Another DSH, she is a diluted calico (white/peach/gray). She loves meowmie's brother and spends a lot of her time in his room. She is a pretty girl with a very sweet disposition. Her nicknames include Dippity Doo, Doo Girl, Doin' the Dew, and Seren.

Kitty number five is One-Eyed Fiona. Meowmie usually calls her Fiona or Fiodorous (because she is a little stinker!). Fiona can't see out of her left eye. The slit is there, but it doesn't open. Her shelter name was Patch, but meowmie said as soon as she saw her she knew her name would be One-Eyed Fiona. That's the name of a song by Lyle Lovett. Fiona was adopted from a shelter in February 2005. She was (and still is) fiesty, and that's one of the things meowmie likes about her. The shelter people didn't know anything about her history, except they estimated her age to be around two years old at that time. She was a biter and not very trusting when she first came to our house, but with time and love she has become a snuggler and a sometimes lap cat. She does like to attack meowmie's feet when meowmie is sleeping. Also she and I have an understanding: I leave her alone and she leaves me alone. Fiona is the last DSH calico that meowmie adopted.

The next kitty to come along was a gray tabby stray. Meowmie found out about him through our vettie's office. She got in contact with the young lady who was feeding him and she picked him up a few night's later. He got a clean bill of health at the vettie's office and then he came home. Meowmie named him "Colin Feral" after the actor Colin Farrell. Colin the cat was an intact male, DSH, somewhere between two and three years old. He did have an abcess on his front leg, so he spent a week on antibiotics and living in the bathroom until he could get his shots and get neutered. Colin was very loving and he got along with all of us....even Fiona. About three weeks after Colin was neutered and vaccinated he became lethargic. Meowmie thought he had an infection. He wouldn't get in her lap, and it took every ounce of strength he had to move. She took him to the emergency vettie's office where they did some blood work. The news was not good. His immune system was almost non-existant and his white blood cells were destroying his red blood cells. It was non Feline-Luk, but some type of reaction to his vaccines. The vettie told meowmie that treatment could be done, but it was very, very expensive and the odds were against Colin. However, she left meowmie alone to think about it. When the vettie came back she had more bad news. They ran some more test with Colin's blood and discovered that he also had cancer. It still hurts meowmie to think about it, but she knew the kindest thing to do for Colin would be to help him cross the bridge. Our "Angel Colin" was only with us for one month, but he touched the hearts of everyone who met him.

Approximately two weeks after Colin had joined the household, meowmie took in another stray that she had found out about from a friend. This girl was another DSH tortiseshell and she has cattitude! She enter the household on June 30, 2005. I thought Fiona was a brat until Daisy came along! Meowmie said that Daisy told her her full name is Princess Daisy Thistlechaser of Udell. No wonder she is such a royal pain in the arse! Heehee. Daisy was approximately one year old when she came to live with us. She had been living outside for quite awhile, and she was on skinny side. Meowmie thinks she may have one of the oriental breeds in her background. She was long and lanky, and had a really skinny tail, very dainty feet, and a more triangular shaped head. She also talks...a lot. She purrs and trills, but she is a whiner and a complainer too! Meowmie calls them "cranky cat" sounds. Daisy was a snapper too. But we couldn't blame her for that when we found out why. About five days after she moved in a big abscessed place on her left hip and thigh ruptured. It was really icky and gross. Another trip to the emergency vet's office for treatment. Once it was cleaned up and she went on antibiotics the wound healed and her snapping stopped. She still has an attitude though, and meowmie knows it would be better for Daisy to be in a single cat household. She just doesn't like us other furs. On the other paw, she LOVES meowmie.

Last but not least is my brofur Bandit. He's a big DSH orange and white boy. Meowmie says Bandit has the biggest feet she's seen on a kitty that is not polydactyl. He's about 1.5 years old now (he joined us in October 2005). He's a little shy, and his favorite thing to do is bug Jazzpurr. Bandit doesn't like to held, but he will roll over on his back for belly rubs and he likes to have his feet rubbed. He is our other one eyed kitty, also blind on his left side. Bandit lost his eye to a severe infection. The tip of his right ear is clipped off too. Although he is a shelter adoption meowmie wondered if he had belonged to a feral colony when he was little.

So that's the scoop on me and my furry siblings. I'll get some pictures of us up as soon as I can.

Purrs and Earlicks,


  1. Clarissa,

    Why are you hissing at us? We thought you were our friend. WAAHHH!!!!

    Chita McChew and Nala La

  2. I wasn't hissing! I was really yawning! Meowmie said it looks like I'm either singing or laughing.