Friday, January 5, 2007

Fiona Get Kitty "Time Out"

Hi guys! I'm "One-Eyed" Fiona (aka Fiona Footbiter). My sisfur told you a little bit about me yesterday. I was adopted from the shelter in Bowling Green, KY after mom saw my picture on Petfinders. I had some trust issues that I had to get over when I first came to my forever home in February 2005. I even nipped mom on the cheekbone right under her eye one morning. I thought she might get really mad and yell at me, but instead she calmly put me down before she took care of herself. She said she knew I was afraid and she scared me. You see, she was petting me and she came up on my blind side.

I love my mom now, though and I love to snuggle in her lap when she's watching t.v. I also like to snuggle behind her knees when she is laying on her side in bed at night. My favorite ways to wake her up are to knock things off of her dresser or attack her feet.

I was doing such a fine job at both the other morning that she had to put me in kitty jail. That's the bathroom at our house! I started the jumping between the dresser and the bed at 2:30 in the morning. Mom finally put me in 'time out' around 4:00 that morning. She made me stay in there until she got up for work at 7:00am. It was okay - I had a litterbox and fresh water, and there is a nice rug to sleep on. And the best part was not having my other brofurs and sisfurs bugging me. It was almost like a vacation!

I'm the smallest kitty in the family and weigh in at 8 lbs. Mom says I'm still kittenish even though I'll be four years old next month!

I gotta go now. It's time for my nap...*yawn*

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