Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hellos: Samantha; Farewells: Fiona

Hello Friends,

We don't know where the summer went, but it's gone. And mom hasn't help us post since mid-July. We hope all is well with you. Mom is still bartending part-time while she continues to look for an office job. She as been unemployed since the end of March. It frustrates her because she thinks she might be a "victim" of age discrimination. Possible employers can't ask her age, but when they read her resume and see how long she worked (almost 28 years at the same institution) they figure out what her approximate age is. It's not fair, but she knows it happens.

We welcomed a new member to our family. Mom was waiting for her brother to come out of Walmart (he works there) and she heard a tiny meow. There was a wee kitten in the parking lot, sitting by mom's SUV. Mom tried and tried to snag that baby up, but it would run under a car parked across for mom. But you won't believe what happened. The lady put her groceries in her car, and as she was getting into the car to leave, mom told here there was a kitten beneath her car. This angel lady had cat food and a carrier in her car. She was able to snag the kitten while it was eating. She put the kitten into the carrier and mom and our uncle took the kitten to the 24/7 vet.

The kitten is a girl and our uncle named her Samantha. She is solid black with a floofy tale. Mom says she is medium hair kitty. The vet said Samantha was approximately 12 weeks old at that time. She also tested positive for FIV. The vet said she might shed that virus and to retest at 6 months of age. This was on July 29, 2018. She is due for retesting and has an appointment at 7:30 this evening. It is also going to be a pre-op test for her spaying. She has been making up to Cash and he doesn't have a clue (all of our kitties are spayed or neutered).

The problem mom is having is trying to catch Samantha. She has two speeds: fast or asleep. She runs anytime mom or uncle get near her. Mom said she acts like a semi-feral kitty. Samantha had a 9:30am appointment yesterday, but mom cancelled because they couldn't catch Samantha! Our uncle caught her once, but she is strong and got away from him. He has scratches on his arm from her leaping out of his arms.

We also have a bit of sad news. Our feisty sister, One-Eyed Fiona, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, November 1. She was diagnosed in February with kidney issues. She ate the prescription food that some of the others eat. As winter turned to spring, spring into summer, and summer into fall, Fiona was losing weight. She spent more and more time sleeping. Her last day and a half was spent sleeping in our uncle's chair. When she tried to get out of the chair on Thursday morning she fell to the floor. She was still breathing, but she was so weak she couldn't stand. She laid there with her eyes closed. It was time to say goodbye. Fiona's passing was peaceful and we thank the staff at Jefferson Animal Hospital for their kindness. The staff put her in a sealed box so mom could take her body to our regular vet for cremation. Mom picker up her ashes yesterday. Fiona is home.

We aren't exactly sure how old Fiona was. Mom adopted her in February 2005. The shelter said she was probably 2 to 3 years old. We estimated her age to be around 16. Fiona bit mom 3 different times over the 13 years she was with us. Once was the day after she joined the family. The second time was a month ago. The third time was a week ago yesterday. Fiona was feisty up to the end.

Our typist (aka mom) needs to get ready for her physical therapy appointment. She has bone spurs and arthritis in her right shoulder. The PT has help her so much!

With love to all,
Angel Clarissa


  1. May I be so bold, as to suggest that your momma change her resume, so she lists her talents rather than the length of time she was at the one job!?! She can go into more detail in the cover letter, or at an interview. I am very sorry to hear about Angel Fiona, and Samantha is quite the little crazy kitty. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to calm her down!

    1. I agree totally with the comment here. Adjust your resume and focus on your talent, dear friend. xx

  2. Godspeed Fiona; we are truly sorry and we send hugs to you and you family. Samantha; welcome to you; we know all about top speed kittens.....we hope you settle down soon, we hope mackerull settles down soon too; he's the newest TT rez a dent ~~~ ♥♥♥

  3. Sorry about the loss of Fiona. Glad you could rescue Samantha. Hope your Mom can find a job she likes too. Purrs.

  4. Welcome to Samantha! Those kittens can be such a handful. We’re sorry about Fiona. Sending you many purrs....

  5. We are so sorry about Fiona. Paws crossed you got Samantha off to her appointment - maybe getting spayed will calm her down.

  6. Samantha sounds like a whirlwind. Condolences on Fiona's loss. We hope good things happen for your mom soon! Hugs for her.

  7. Did Samantha get to her appointment? Also, I am deeply deeply sorry about Fiona. I am sad that you had to go through that and Fiona was so very sick. Blessings to you and the rest of the babies and welcome to sweet Samantha. Thank you for rescuing her. XXXX