Monday, September 12, 2016

Urgent: Kitten in Need of Foster or Permanent Home

We are trying to help find a permanent home for a possibly Feline Leukemia Positive kitten. Details are below.

1. Kitten is male. Neutered, up to date on shots.

2. Kitten is approximately 4 months old and is very affectionate.

3. Kitten's sister has tested positive for Feline Leukemia. Kitten will be tested soon.

4. Kitten's foster parent is leaving town in October and must find either a foster or permanent home for kitten.

Our aunt has asked us to spread the word about Bobby, this adorable male kitten. He is in desperate need of a forever home, but a foster home would do for now. Since his status regarding Feline Leukemia is unknown, it would probably be best if he went to a single home where he is a single cat, or in a home with other FeLuk kitties. Mom feels bad because she can't take him.

Our aunt said both kittens are very playful and don't act like they are sick. And it is quite possible that they will test negative when the checked again. The girl kitten already has a home lined up.

If you can help, or know anyone who can, you can contact us via email:  rissakitty2000 @ gmail dot com.  We wrote it out that way so those pesky spambots can't send us junk mail. Also, please share this information.  Transportation can be arranged.

We forgot to mention that Bobby is located in Louisville, KY!

Pictures of Bobby:


  1. We are purring that a home or foster can be found for this kitten.

  2. dood.....we send de best oh bloo gil two ewe that ya findz knot just a foster home; but a for everz home ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥