Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's Back....Grrrrrr

Gosh darn it (because I don't want to use strong language in case any kittens are reading) that ulcer is back on my upper lip! Mom noticed I was doing my "Elvis snarl" last night. I was headbonking her leg so she scooped me up and took a look at my mouth. It is not effecting my eating habits, but it is concerning to me and mom. I have an appointment to see my vet on Saturday morning. I'm purring that it isn't something more serious.

On a funny note, Spunky almost knocked the breath out of mom on Sunday night. She was laying in bed, flat on her back, and was almost asleep when Spunky leaped onto the bed, onto mom's stomach, then off the other side of the bed. Spunky weighs about 18 pounds, so that's a lot of cat. And to add insult to injury, Daisy repeated the stunt a few minutes later! I hope mom didn't hear us laughing at her!

It's gotten really cold here (again). We've had snow flurries here and there, and the other night the clouds couldn't decide if they wanted to be sleet clouds or snow clouds! They kept switching back and forth. The sun shone for awhile this afternoon though. That was nice to see.

Mom was bored on Sunday so she changed her hair color. She had to bleach out her natural hair color, then she dyed her hair purple! We've decided that mom is just weird. She washed her hair for the first time this morning since putting the color on it. She knew some of the color would wash out, but she didn't think about it staining the palms of her hands. Her palms are very pink now!

And lastly, I wanted to share another new picture of Poe. He is looking more grown up every time we see his picture. It is hard to believe he was that little 12 week old kitten mom found in the parking lot last August.

Me and the crew love you all! Stay warm and safe!

Clarissa (& Co.)


  1. poe...yur lookin grate dood !!!

    N clarisssa....we iz troo lee sorree bout de ulcer :(

    we will ask R friend St Francis two send sum blessingz yur way that it goez a way......a loooooooooooong way a way... N it stayz a way ...... for like for everz ♥♥♥

  2. We're sorry to hear the ulcer is back. Ernie gets those's his allergies. Poe is really cute!

  3. Clarissa, please tell me what happened when you come back. I feel for your mom. I had a 12 pound cat do that. It really does get you going!! Heehehee.

    Poe is gorgeous. Seriously. XXOO Katie, Mom and Angel Admiral.

  4. I hope that ulcer goes away soon! Poe does look really grown up.

    P.S. My human has always wanted to dye her hair different colors, but it is naturally really dark brown so it would take a lot to strip the original color out. So she just dyes it black.