Friday, April 17, 2015


We are glad to report that mom is feeling much more calm and relaxed now. She has been going back to the gym and eating better and she finally broke through her plateau and has lost 2 lbs. So now she is working on the next 8 (she is really working on the next 50 lbs., but she is measuring it in 10 lb. increments). Mom said she'll get her workout tomorrow by cutting our very tall grass!

We are all doing well and enjoying our snuggle time with mom. She is spending more time at home now (when she isn't working or at the gym). We like to help her when she is doing laundry and going through boxes of stuff.

If you purrents like air shows and fireworks, one of the biggest fireworks shows is in our hometown tomorrow night. It is the kickoff for the Kentucky Derby festivities. Tell them to do a search for Thunder Over Louisville and they can find it streaming online. We think the airshow starts around 3:00 pm (that's eastern time) and the fireworks should start around 9:30pm. Mom went to it a long time ago. She said one of her favorite things was the fireworks waterfall off of one of the bridges. The river is up so a lot of the ground space is covered with water now. That won't stop people from going to the show.

Fireworks are pretty, but they are loud and we can hear them all the way out to our house. That's how big the show is. We usually just ignore it. Thunderboomers don't bother us either.

We hope everyone will have a nice weekend!

Purrs and Whisker Kisses,
Clarissa & Co.


  1. I'm glad your human is feeling better and not as stressed out!

  2. We hope you enjoyed the air show. Glad your mom is feeling better.

  3. I am SO glad your mom feels better and tell her we ALL hope she continues feeling well and doing well. And you kitties are grateful too. xoxox