Monday, December 22, 2014

A Day Late on Easy Sunday

We hope Monday is treating everyone right. It's three sleeps until Santa Paws comes. Mom doesn't do much for Christmas. She hasn't put a tree up for about four or five years now. And it's almost been a year since our brofur, Bandit, crossed the Bridge without any warning. Mom said today how she misses that orange boy. We miss him, too. But we aren't going to be sad today.

Mom was doing laundry yesterday. When she walked into her bedroom to put some of her clothes away she was greeted with the sight of six of us sleeping on her bed. Of course, mom had to grab her flashybox/cell phone to take a picture.

That's Daisy at the head of the bed on the pillows. Ginger picked the foot of the bed. The four who decided to make a nap pile are Fred, Spunky, Batman, and Puff. Nary a whisker twitched while mom was in there. I was sleeping by myself in mom's computer chair.

Mom said we really have a hard-knock life. Then she walked out of the room singing something about the sun coming out tomorrow.

Clarissa & Co.