Monday, September 8, 2014

Fiona the Ferocious

Clarissa turned the blog over to me today.

I had a check-up appointment with my eye specialist this morning. I let mom put me in the carrier. I rode quietly all the way to the specialist's office. I let mom get me out of the carrier and I laid in her lap all wrapped up in my blanket. And when the tech and the doctor came to look at my eye I turned into THE CAT FROM HELL!!!! I hissed and growled and snapped my alligator-like jaws at the vet. And when she tried a second time I did it again! Mom got up and tried to wrap me in the blanket and I clawed up the back of her hand and one finger. I am FEROCIOUS! Dr. T said that I would have to be sedated for the exam. Since I haven't been having any problems mom and the doctor decided not to do the exam. If I start having any problems I can always go back. Mom kept apologizing for my bad behavior. Once I calmed down I let mom put me back in the carrier and behaved all the way back home.

I showed them that I am the boss!!! *Beaming proudly*

Ferocious Fiona


  1. Why so ferocious, Fiona! I bet the vet was a nice human and only wanted to help. I kind of like being at the vet!

  2. EXCELLENT!!! Mo does the same thing when our vet comes here.

  3. fiona....ewe rock !!!!! N we hope yur eye doez knot gives ya any mor turbull ♥

  4. Fiona, that's what I do when I go to the vet. Now I only have to go when I need a shot. I hope your eye doesn't give you any more problems so you don't have to go back. ~Zoey