Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our Bags Were Packed...

The suitcase really wasn't ours. But we wanted to help mom pack for her trip. She went to Boston last weekend for Walker Stalker Con. Mom said she had a lot of fun and she did get to meet a lot of friends from online. Mom was suppose to get home at 11:55pm on Sunday, but due to equipment failures and weather delays (on incoming planes) she got to spend an extra day in Boston and do some site seeing. Mom had a 3 hour layover in Baltimore on Monday night that turned into a 6 hour layover. She didn't get home until 2:30am Tuesday morning! And as she was coming in the front door Daisy bolted outside. That meant mom had to catch her and get her back inside before she could go to bed!

Anymew, we wanted to share some pics of us helping mom pack!

 Batman took the deep side while Puff held down the top!

 Where do you think mom is going, Puff?

 Nowhere if I have anything to say about it, Batman!

Can I go with you? (Fred)


  1. The way you kitties were helping your human pack, I'm surprised she didn't wind up leaving with a suitcase full of cats!

  2. We bet all of you wanted to go with her. Well, we bet she took some of your furs along. ;)