Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Belated New Year

Here it is the middle of January and we haven't posted until now. We hope 2014 has gotten off to a good start for everyone.  A lot has been going on at our house.

We were suppose to have new windows installed in the house on January 6, but that was the day the temperature didn't rise above 3F. The installation was moved to January 8, but then postponed again. On that really cold Monday night, water started seeping from the bottom of one of the kitchen walls. The water had to be shut off in the house until a plumber could get there to find the problem and fix it. We couldn't get a plumber at the house until Saturday (January 11).  The plumbing problem wasn't as a bad as it could have been. There was a leak in the bathtub drain/trap. The plumber turned our water back on, but mom couldn't use the shower. The part was replaced on Monday and all is good.

With the water off, mom didn't want to deal with the hassle of workmen in the house installing the windows. She rescheduled a second time. Now the windows are suppose to be installed this coming Monday (January 20). Mom has that day off from work anyway, so that works out well for her.

Our uncle (who shares the house with mom) is having problems with his high blood pressure. Mom had to take him to the emergency room on Tuesday night because he felt very light headed and a little dizzy. Mom said his blood pressure was dangerously high. The doctor finally got his BP down enough for our uncle to come home, but it was still on the high side. Uncle has a follow up appointment with his regular doctor on January 29

And last of all, Johnny and Fiona have both had icky eyes. Johnny is doing much better since he was prescribed an ointment for his conjunctivitis in his right eye. Fiona is a whole other story.

Fiona has only one eye and it has always had some scar tissue on it. It's probably from an eye infection she had as a kitten, long before she joined our family. For some strange reason the blood vessels on her eye are inflamed. Our regular vet prescribed a different type of eye ointment than Johnny's. She also suggested that mom take Fiona to see the ophthalmologist. Mom has been putting the ointment in Fiona's eye since Saturday and there has been no change. The specialist saw Fiona this morning and Fiona's condition even has her stumped! Fiona keeps her eye open while awake, and she does close it when she sleeps. The only time she rubs at it is after the ointment has been applied.

The specialist did not find any scratches or ulcers on the cornea. There was nothing wrong with the inside of Fiona's eye either. She did change Fiona's medicine from the ointment to two different eye drops. Mom will have to put a drop of each medicine in Fiona's eye 3 times each day. Fiona has a follow up appointment in two weeks. Of course if her eye seems worse mom will take her back sooner.

Kitties, this is the strangest thing we've seen. We know Fiona has the feline herpes virus (most of us have it). The vet said it is possible that this is a flair up, although she has not seen it presented this way. Her second thought was it may be something with Fiona's immune system. And her last thought was the possibility of cancer. We aren't exactly sure how old Fiona is, but we think she is around 12.

Would you all please keep Ms. Fiona in your purrs? We want our sisfur to be all better soon!


  1. Your 2014 got off to a rocky start - I am sending purrs Fiona's way!

    1. Thank you Sparkle! We are hoping everything settles down soon. It's just been on thing on top of another!

  2. Wow, sure is a lot going on at your house, Clarissa! We're purring that all goes well with the windows...and we're doubly purring for Fiona!

    1. Thank you for the double purrs for Fiona. Mom got her drops in when she got home from work, and Fiona just ate some kibble. She is sleeping right now.