Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We are back...again!

It has been a whole month since mom wrote about Johnny & Cash joining our family.  For the most part the boys have settled in nicely.  There is still some hissing that goes on, especially between Fiona, Puff, and the boys.  Both Johnny & Cash adore their lap time with our mom and our uncle. A couple of times Johnny has gotten under the blanket and slept against mom's legs.

We've complained about having the hots here in the summer, and now we have the colds.  Although it is very sunny, today's high temperature won't rise above freezing.  There is a little snow on the ground, but the roads are dry so that is good.

Mom and our uncle were in Phoenix, AZ for a few days. Mom goes every December. This was the first time our uncle went with her. She got to visit with her friends who live all over the USA and England. They went to Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding show on Saturday night. Performers, other than Alice Cooper, included Joan Jett, Vince Neil (of Motley Crue), Stephen Pearcy (of Ratt), Tom Keifer (of Cinderella), Kip Winger (of Winger), and KISS (without their make-up).  Comedian Bill Engvall entertained and actor John O'Hurley was the host.

Mom got home late Sunday night. Unfortunately, our uncle was flying home through Philadelphia, PA and was having a problem getting home. His flight was suppose to leave Phoenix at 1:15pm (AZ time) and he was suppose to get home by 10:30pm (KY time).  He didn't get to Philly until 12:30am because of their weather woes. That left him stuck overnight in the airport. It was 2:00pm on Monday before he arrived in Louisville!  He was tired, but otherwise all right.

Mom said she is done traveling until the spring. That means more time home with us!!!

We hope all of our friends are healthy and happy and warm!

Purrs to all,


  1. We're glad things seem to be going well, and that your mom is staying put for the winter now. Yes, more time to serve YOUR needs!

    Happy holidays to you all.

    Purrs and peace,
    Nicki and Derry

  2. The weather never does what you want it to, does it? I'm glad that Johnny and Cash are settling in... I imagine the hissing will die down eventually.