Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Crazy Cat Lady

Mom saw this picture on I Can Has Cheezburger some time ago. This lady has 14 kitty stickers on her vehicle. Mom has 16 on her SUV window. That's one for each of us and one for our angel brother, Colin Feral.

Mom said she'll have to take a picture of her window and post it.

We hope our friends who live in the areas that were hit with the horrible storms over the weekend are safe. We know who scary those tornado warnings are. Mom remembers the tornado that came through Louisville, KY in 1974.

We are also remembering our cousin, Tekvah, who crossed the Bridge on Wednesday. No one knows how old Tekvah was, but we do know that she was a senior kitty. Tekvah's vet suspected that she had lymphoma. She started failing and on Wednesday she was having difficulty breathing. Our Aunty Jen knew it was time, so she and the vet help Tekvah cross the Bridge. Once we get a picture of Tekvah from Aunty Jen, we will get mom to post it for us. She was a petite girl and very kittenish in appearance. We know she will be missed.


  1. That's a cool bunch of window kitties! I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Tekvah, many purrs and hugs to her family.

  2. Love and purrs to Tekvah's family. It is so hard on our beans when one of us crosses to the Bridge.

    Mom still hopes you never change that avatar picture, Clarissa, it makes her smile every time!

  3. We're sending purrs and Light to all who loved Tekvah. We're sorry it was her time to cross, but glad she had a long and happy life.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Wow! That's a cool window! Me is kind of happy there is just me and the brat Kozmo (oh yes the 2 hairy slobbery sisters). Me don't know what I'd do if there was THAT many of us!

  5. Love the window - we got to meet the Katnip Lounge crew and their mom and dad have one like this too.

    We are very sorry about Tekvah and are sending purrs to her family!

  6. Where do these people get the stickers!!! I want some for my car :-) So sorry to hear about Tekvah, we are sending purrs to her family :-(

  7. Mommy is relieved that even though she's a crazy cat lady, she's not the CRAZIEST one! heh heh.

    Purrs to Tekvah's family, Godspeed.

  8. We like all those kitties!! But any more, you won't be able to see out! Haha!

    We are so sorry to hear about Tekvah. We send purrs to her family who are missing her so much.

  9. Ooh, what a cool window! Please make sure your Mom takes a pic of her car window..I'd love to see! I'm very sorry to hear about Tekvah, and will be purring for your Aunty Jen.