Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mom is home from her trip!!!

Mom pulled into our driveway at 7:30pm on the nose yesterday. She was absolutely worn out from her long drive home. Mom told us that she drove in rain all the way to Durham, NC last Wednesday. Then she drove all the way home yesterday in scattered showers. But while she was there she had a nice time visiting her our Aunt Torchy and Aunt Jennifer. Mom said they aren't her real sisters, but they are the sisters of her heart.

Mom got to meet Aunt Torchy's new kitty, Gracie. We introduced Gracie here in January (we think). She is a beautiful DSH black kitty. Mom sais Gracie's fur is very shiny, just like patent leather! And Gracie has really large yellow eyes. She is very sweet and let mom hold her. Gracie sneezes a lot due to a chronic respiratory problem. But her eyes are clear and bright, and she doesn't seem to let it bother her. Aunt Torchy said she wished that kitties like Gracie could use a Neti Pot!

Aunt Torchy has another big boy kitty named Wick. He is a DLH tabby and is very handsome. His nickname is "Chicken of the Sea" because he is a bit skittish. He didn't like Aunt Jennifer's inflatable mattress at all!

We are glad to have mom home even though our uncle took very good care of us. We missed snuggling with mom in bed at night. And mom said she missed snuggling with us too!

Clarissa & Co.


  1. Welcome home! I'm sure the kitties are happy to have you back :) Gracie sounds just purrfect!

  2. That is very nice of you kitties not to mind that your human came home smelling like other cats.

  3. Welcome home and Clarissa, I MUST tell you again that my Mommy LOVES your avatar. That sweet face and meowy mouth. DARLING!

  4. Admiral, your mommy is going to make me blush! Well, if I could blush. I have to admit that is one of my mom's favorite pictures of me, too.

  5. Yay! I love it when my humanoids come home - favorite part of my day! (other than sleeping in the basin and playing with my scratch patch!)

    From a cute cat x