Monday, March 29, 2010

Visits to the Vet...the cycle begins again

You know there are 15 of us kitties at mom's house. She says it's a never ending cycle of visits to the vet for us. Most of us are lucky and go once per year. That is for our annual exam and rabies vaccine. The exception was Batman, when he had that problem with his nose (which finally cleared up). And me, Rissa, has that over-grooming problem so I have to see the vet every 8-12 weeks to get a steroid shot.

Anymew, Memphis (the Siamese) and Fiona (calico) saw the vet a week ago Saturday for their annuals. The both got good reports. Memphis weighed a bit over 11 lbs. and Fiona weighed 7.25 lbs. She is the smallest kitty in our house. Memphis behaved, but Fiona GROWLED like a BIG TIGER the whole time she was there!

Both of the solid white kittes, Lily Rose and Fred, visited the vet this past Saturday. Once more, both are healthy kitties. Lily Rose was the perfect little lady. She weighed in at a tad over 11 lbs. The abscess she had on her neck in December has totally healed and not returned.

Fred was a bit of a problem in the office. He HATES the vet's office. He gets scairt and he panics. Mom really doesn't like to take him be she knows it's necessary. Every time the vet completed part of Fred's examine, Fred would try to launch himself onto mom. The last time he tried that he scratched mom's face! It's a tiny scratch, and she knew he didn't mean to do it. She calmly place him in the carrier (it's a top loader). When the vet came back into the exam room, he gave mom some cotton gauze and peroxide to clean the scratch. Then he ask one of the technicians to assist him so mom wouldn't have to hold Fred again.

Fred got his rabies vaccine, and an antibiotic shot. He has really bad breath and the vet said his gums were inflamed in the back from gingivitis. I had that problem once and the antibiotic worked for me. The vet said if Fred's mouth didn't look better in 10 days to let him know.

So that is what we've been up too. Mom said Serendipity and Jazzpurr are next on the list for the vet. They will go in April or May.

Clarissa & Co.

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  1. Shoo,Clarissa! That means someone's always smellin' like the v-e-t! I imagine that's a wee bit stressful for youse guys. I send you my bestest purrs!