Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our long weekend with mom...

Mom had a three day weekend and she spent most of it at home with us. I think most of us cuddle with her at one time or another, except Bandit. But she still loved on him too. He just won't get in her lap.

Ginger surprised mom by ALMOST getting in her lap on Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes Ginger will lay on the foot of the recliner. This time she came a little closer and stood on mom's thigh while mom scratched her ears and back. She even let mom wipe the gunk from around her eyes. She would lay down, but she did stand there for awhile. Mom considered that major progress. Ginger finally did lay down on the foot of the recliner.

Lily yakked up her breakfast along with a hairball Monday morning. Before mom could get it cleaned up I had to check it out. I cleaned up the food part for her and left the hairball. Then I sat down to wash my face and promptly yakked it back up. Mom said I was gross. And I thought I was doing her a favor.

Daisy escaped out the front door Monday while mom was bringing in the groceries. Mom wasn't happy about that. She had to stay outside with Daisy until she could catch her. Mom said Daisy kept going under her car. She finally coaxed Daisy out far enough to snatch her by the scruff of her neck. No, mom did not pick her up that way. She held on to her until she got her hand under Daisy, then scooped her up. Of course, Daisy protested. Mom called her a "s**thead" and then said she was a bad girl when they got in the house. The rest of us laughed at her because she was in trouble.

Later, Monday night, I was sitting on a nylon CD case that mom usually keeps in the car. It wasn't zipped closed, but the top cover was down. I started making the "hurkey-gurkey" noise and I yakked on the case and in the case. Mom had to take the CDs out, wash the plastic tray that they sit it, and throw the nylon case in the washer.

We made sure mom stayed busy. It was a good day.

Mom's back at now. Maybe we will leave her a hairball or three to find when she gets home.


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