Monday, January 26, 2009

Batman: An Update on my Nose Boo-Boo

Good morning! I have more news about myne nose. Mom took me to see Dr. Reader on Saturday morning. He is an animal dermatologist. That means he specializes in skin conditions of animals, not that he is a fur himself, although mom says technically humans are animals too. Anymew, he took lots of pictures of my nose, took some samples for cultures, looked at some samples under a microscope...and he said it looks like I have a "cold sore" on my nose. He said he won't know for sure until he gets the lab results, but it appears to be caused by the feline herpes virus. Dr. Reader said there was a lot of bacteria beneath the scab, so he gave me a shot. He said it was an antibiotic. He also prescribed 200mg of Lysine daily. He wants another biopsy so that will be performed through my regular vet's office/lab.

I liked Dr. Reader and the technician that helped him. They told me they loved myne name, and they gave me lots of skritches on myne head and ears. Dr. Reader even said I was one of the most mellow kitties he's met.

That's it for now. At least mom and I know more about what's going on. I promise to keep you posted.


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  1. Oh dear! Batman, I am glad you got good treatment for your little nosie, and I hope it gets all better soon.