Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New Brofur?

I don't know what we are going to do with our meowmie. She promised us that no more kitties would be joining our home. After all, there are already 13 of us furs here. But she saw a kitty on Catster's adoptable pages that just pulled at her heart.

Here is his story from the page:

Nicknames: Captain Picard

Coloration: Cream

Arrival Story:
Oh goodness, this boy has been through the ringer. Poor cat was hanging out outside a restaurant in Carrolton KY, fending for himself. He stunk to high heaven, had a huge abscess on his leg, a terrible upper respiratory in his lungs, AND it appears he has been BURNED. That's right - his right eye will permanently look like this because the skin between the eye and the ear has been melted and the eyelid will always pull up. He needs a bit of eye lubricant on a daily basis because of this scar tissue rubbing his eye. His ears are also blackened at the tips and scarred. His tail may have also been broken at one point. Holly's Place received an email about him and we asked the people to bring him to us. We got him immediate vet care. This was early March. His leg wound has now healed, his upper respiratory is gone, and he's been neutered. But he still looks very rough.

Sugar has since struggled with a rare form of mange. He has only skin scrape left and he should be in the clear. But this poor boy has been through it!

* * *

Meowmie exchanged several emails with the shelter lady before she filled out the online application. Sugar has to eat Purina D/M to keep his sugar levels in line and needs that lubricant put in his eye. Otherwise he has no other health problems. She said he gets along with other kitties too, which is a must.

Meowmie's concern is if he will learn to trust her. There is a picfur of him snuggled in someone's lap, so he isn't totally afraid of people.

We will keep everyone up-to-date.

Clarissa (Rissa Roo the Kitty Poo)

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