Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Soon to be new family members

Homes haven't been found yet for the other three kitties in Ohio. We have a sneaking suspicion that mom will end up bringing them home too. She said she could foster them until homes could be found, but we all know that once they are here she won't give them up.

Ant Sniffy posted pictures of three of the kitties. Ginger is definitely coming here. The other two kitties are Panda and Batman. She still doesn't have pictures of Spunky and Puff.

This is Ginger. She looks like she has a lot of cattitude. Mom said Ginger reminds her of Fiona.

This is Batman's headshot. He looks a lot like Sable.

This is Panda. She is a cutie too. We are assuming that Spunky looks similar to her since they are littermates.

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