Friday, November 4, 2016

A Song for our Friends

The Kissymouse Song

Cat treats roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose.
Yuletide carols being yowled by the canines,
and cats dressed up like Eskimos.

Every fur knows that music and some mousie toes help to make the season bright.
Tiny kittens with their eyes all a-glow
will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa Claws is one his way,
and he has lots or toys and catnip on his sleigh!
And every meowmie's cat is going to smile
When they learn that reindeer really know how to fly.

And so I'm offering this glad refrain,
For cats from one to ninety-two.
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Kissymouse to you!

Kitten Cuteness Alert

Mom has been busy and that has kept us from the blog. I'm not going to promise that I'll post more often, because as sure I do, we will disappear again! But I do have some wonderful news for you.

Way back in late spring/early summer, a little black cat started showing up in our auntie's backyard. She had 4 kittens in tow with her a few times. Eventually those babies were caught and they found forever homes. Auntie Jen tried to trap Babymama, but she was good at avoiding the trap and it wasn't long before she was pregnant again.

Babymama, now called Khaleesi, eventually brought her five babies around. Two of the babies were solid black, just like her. Three babies were tabby patterned like their daddy. Auntie Jen was able to trap Khaleesi this time, and she had her spayed. The vet said she was in good health. Since she still had her babies out there, Auntie Jen let her go back out.

About three weeks ago Auntie Jen had a streak of good luck. In one afternoon she was able to trap the five kittens and re-trap Khaleesi. The babies were wild, as was Khaleesi. The babies all checked out healthy, which was wonderful news. Two of the tabby babies went to a foster home together. Another lady who works with ferals took the other tabby kitten. She was going to work with him and try to socialize him so that he can find a forever home. Auntie Jen is keeping the black girl kitten. That left the black boy kitten needing a home.

Mom got in touch with Nancy and Tom, her friends that took in Poe last year. They said they would love to take this kitten. Poe needed a younger playmate because the two older cats weren't interested. So last Thursday mom packed up the kitten and drove to Charlotte, NC. She met Nancy and Tom there and baby kitten was off to his forever home.

The kitten, now name Smudge, is settling in to his new home. Nancy said at first Smudge was afraid of Poe, but now they are playing with each other. Poe has taught him to jump onto the counter where the treats are kept! Smudge isn't sleeping in the bed with her yet, but she said that is just a matter of time.

We are so happy Smudge is adjusting. He is a cutie pie as you can tell from his pictures.