Sunday, December 28, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

Today's easy picture doesn't look a whole lot different than last week's! Lets face it. We LOVE to take it easy on Mom's bed!

Daisy is laying on the top left and Jazzpurr is laying on the pillows. Mom was surprised to see the two tortie girls in close proximity. From there we have Puff stretched out, then Fred and Batman. Spunky also decided to stretch out, as did his sister, Ginger. Mom would love to see all 15 of us on the bed, but that will never happen. Some of us don't get along very well together.

It was a year ago yesterday when brother, Bandit, crossed the Bridge. We won't forget ever forget that morning. He seemed to be fine when we went to bed and he was gone when Mom got up the next morning. Bandit was never a lap cat, and he rarely slept on the bed with mom (although he would sleep on the bed with the rest of us.) He had a sweet disposition and loved to be scratched and petted when he was laying on the top level of the cat tree. Bandit got along with all of us, but he was shy around people he didn't know. We know we will see you again one day, Bandit.

Bandit Bigtoes
February 2005 - December 27, 2013

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Day Late on Easy Sunday

We hope Monday is treating everyone right. It's three sleeps until Santa Paws comes. Mom doesn't do much for Christmas. She hasn't put a tree up for about four or five years now. And it's almost been a year since our brofur, Bandit, crossed the Bridge without any warning. Mom said today how she misses that orange boy. We miss him, too. But we aren't going to be sad today.

Mom was doing laundry yesterday. When she walked into her bedroom to put some of her clothes away she was greeted with the sight of six of us sleeping on her bed. Of course, mom had to grab her flashybox/cell phone to take a picture.

That's Daisy at the head of the bed on the pillows. Ginger picked the foot of the bed. The four who decided to make a nap pile are Fred, Spunky, Batman, and Puff. Nary a whisker twitched while mom was in there. I was sleeping by myself in mom's computer chair.

Mom said we really have a hard-knock life. Then she walked out of the room singing something about the sun coming out tomorrow.

Clarissa & Co.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Colin Feral

Mom doesn't have many pictures of our angel brother, Colin Feral. He lived with us for only 4 short weeks. When mom took him in off the street she didn't know he had lymphoma. But for those 4 short weeks Colin was with us he knew he was loved. And he gave love back in return. We still miss you, sweetheart.

 The Bubble Bath (thanks to Photoshop)

Colin Feral - June 2005

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pictures of Me - Clarissa

Mom found some older pictures of me and I wanted to share them with my friends.

 Clarissa - 2003 (above and below)
 Clarissa - 2013 (below)

I'm not as full figured now as I was back in 2003, but my weight is healthy. My tummy isn't fluffy white anymore either. In 2004 I developed an allergy and I started overgrooming my tummy. I have to get a depo injection about every 12-16 weeks. If I don't, I will groom my belly until it is raw.  Mom has gotten rid of both of those old kitchen stools and she hasn't replaced them yet. I still sleep on the beds most of the time.

We wanted to thank everyfur for their prayers for Judith. As of today, $6200 has been raised for her needs. Mom hasn't heard and more news regarding her recovery, but we will post more when she does.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, Monday

Mom and our uncle went to Phoenix, AZ for a long weekend. They visited friends who meet up there every December. Mom said they had a great time. One of her co-workers stopped by the house every day to check on us. He scooped the litter boxes, gave us fresh water, and filled our kibble bowls. He told mom that Johnny and Cash and Fred followed him around the house and kept rubbing all over his legs. We bet his own kitty and dogs were thrilled with having our scents on their dad! Mom had to go back to work today, but our uncle is here with us. It is nice having them back home.

We have our paws crossed that the plumbing problems are over with. Since mid-October the water heater has been replaced, a busted pipe has been replaced, the trap in the bathroom sink and the washing machine have been replaced, and now the main sewer line from the house to the city sewer line has been replaced. That is a lot of green papers spent. The homeowners insurance is covering the water damage from the busted pipe. So far most of the flooring in the living room and hallway has been installed. The contractor didn't measure correctly and they can't complete the hallway until the remainder of the new flooring arrives. All of the old kitchen flooring has been removed and the contractor will be here on Wednesday to install the new flooring. Once that is done repairs can begin on the two holes in the kitchen wall.

Also, we are asking for prayers for a friend from Facebook.

Judith a member of a message board that mom is on and in a group on Facebook that mom belongs too. She is in the hospital recovering from a fire that devastated her home. Judith has lost everything except her car and what was in it. According the reports mom has heard, Judith sustained burns on her face and hands when she went back to try to rescue her cats. One kitty ran out of the house, but did not survive due to smoke inhalation. Three were found safe in the basement, although one had a burn on her paw. Three or four others are not accounted for. Mom is in tears whenever she thinks about it. Things can be replaced.

There is a GoFundMe account set up to help Judith once she is released from the hospital. We are including a link to the page here: GoFundMe for Judith Alberty. Mom knows the lady personally who set up the account. Michelle was Bruce's mom.

Mostly, we are asking for prayers for Judith. She needs all of the love, support, and healing thoughts that she can get.

Clarissa & Co.